2007 was the year when the exhibition went from an Invitational to an Open Call. The Open call process, required a juried exhibiton. The name of the show was changed from Invitational to Exhibition.

The 2007 exhibit was juried by Michael Darling, the curator for modern and contemporay Art at the Seattle Art Museum, Gregory Robinson, curator of the museum of Northwest Contemporary Art and Barbara Shaiman, Director of the Seattle Art Museum Rental/Sales Gallery.

To this point, the group remained all volunteer. No member had ever been compensated financially and many had paid for expenses out of pocket. At the end of the 2007 show, a large group of the organizing committee, including it's founders, resigned to pursue other activities.

Each year of the exhibition, a gala party and art auction was staged to raise funds for the next years show and at the end of 2007 there were funds in the WESE account raised from the 2007 gala and art auction, though as a result of the resignations, there was no leadership for the organization.

The principle sponsors, expected to see another exhibition. A few of the members of the organizing committee formed to act as a consulting body. The consulting group decided to seek a paid director in hopes that, that individual would be able to build a fundraising organization to perpetuate the Open Call concept of the exhibition. Though an abbreviated exhibit was staged in 2008, a fundraising body was never created. By the end of the year the West Edge Sculpture Exhibition came to an official end.

Participating Sculptors

Julian Voss-Andrae(2007) - www.julianvossandreae.com
Claude Andrew (2008) - www.fosterwhite.com
Micajah Bienvenu (2007) - www.artmb.com
Randy Bolander (2007) - www.randybolander.com
Lance Carleton (2007) - www.seagrassgallery.com
Mark Dahn  (2007) -  mark.dahn@gmail.com
David Eisenhour (2007) -  www.eisenhoursculpture.com
Noah Grussgott (2008) - www.noahgrussgot.com
Julia Haack (2007) -  juliahaack.blogspot.com
Theresa Henson (2007) -  206-200-0284
Lee Imonen (2007) - www.leeimonen.com
Steve Jensen  (2007) -  www.sfwwallpaper.com
Michael Johnson (2008) - www.fosterwhite.com
Phillip Levine (2007) -  206-244-7139
Robert McConaughy (2007) -  mcconaughyrt@yahoo.com
Franceska McCullough (2008) -  twitter.com/toothpickmoon
Peter Millet (2007) - www.gregkucera.com
Ann Morris (2007) - www.annmorrisbronze.com
Sarah Ohman (2007) -  www.carapacearts.com
Allan Packer (2007) -  www.apacker.com
Travis Pond  (2007, 2008) - www.steelpond.com
Sutton-Beres-Culler (2007) -  www.lawrimoreproject.com
Gerard Tsutakawa (2007) - www.gerardtsutakawa.com
Kinu Watanabe (2008) - www.fosterwhite.com
Bruce West (2007) -  www.brucewestsculpture.com

Artist Lecture Series - Seattle Art Museum - 2007

Peter Millet, Sutton-Beres-Culler, Allan Packer

Artist Lecture Series - Benaroya Hall - 2007

Lee Imonen, Julia Haack, Randy Bolander

Artist Lecture Series - Seattle Art Museum - 2008

Claude Andrews, Franceska McCullough, Kinu Watanabe, Michael Johnson, Noah Grussgot, Travis Pond


2007 - Michael Darling, Gregory Robinson, Barbara Shaiman
2008 - Michael Darling, Marisa Sanchez, Jay Deguchi, Alan Maskin


2007 - Barbara Shaiman, Michael, Darling,  Randy Bolander, Ulrich Pakker
2008 - Bryan Ohno

Organizing Committee (2007)

Randy Bolander, Cynthia Helsley, Marjorie Chang-Fuller, Julie Andersen, Pamela Pakker Kozicki, Ulrich Pakker, Rosita Romero, Gerard Tsutakawa, Pasha Stinson, Amanda Lowney

Consulting Group (2008)

Randy Bolander, Cynthia Helsley, Marjorie Chang-Fuller, Julie Anderson, Gerard Tsutakawa, Rosita Romero

Director (2008)

Bryan Ohno

Website Photo Credits

Debbie, Young, Jesse West, Lynn Jacobson, Bryan Ohno, Marjorie Chang-Fuller, Pamela Pakker-Kozicki,  Matthew Flor, Randy Bolander

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